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Have you ever lost your car keys?

If yes, then you know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. It is even worse if someone else finds them and uses your car without permission!

Losing a set of keys might not result in the worst scenario, but it will cause some problems. There is no reason to avoid reporting lost car keys because of this, but there are plenty more reasons to report such things.

What to Do After Losing Car Keys

In a situation where you have lost your car keys, you will need to take action immediately. You should know what to do after losing a set of keys before you misplace them so that you can be prepared in the event it happens. Here are some steps for what to do if someone has lost their car keys:

Contact Insurance Company

If you have comprehensive insurance on your vehicle, then contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Most policies cover the cost of a locksmith up to a certain dollar amount and reimburse you for replacement keys made by a dealership.

Call the Police

If your car keys were stolen and you haven’t already contacted the police, contact them immediately. Notifying authorities will help in case your vehicle is damaged or broken into again.

Change Car Locks

It’s a good idea to change all of the locks on your home and office if someone has access to both places. It’s also recommended that you buy high-quality locks to protect your property better.

Be Careful With Locksmith Scams

If you’re shopping for a locksmith, be careful with locksmith scams. Some people try to sell car owners replacement keys after they’ve lost their keys without the proper authorization from the dealership or insurance. These keys usually don’t work and cause more problems than they solve. In some cases, locksmith scammers have been known to damage cars to justify charging the owner for a new key or lock replacement.

Why You Should Report Lost Keys

Should you report lost car keys? Well, here are good reasons for reporting lost car keys.

It Is the Law

Most people are not aware of this, but you have to inform a motor vehicle agency or police authorities if you lose your car keys. In most cases, it is compulsory to report that your car keys are missing as soon as possible, no matter what. This will be important for the following two reasons:

Tracking Down a Stolen Vehicle Can Be Much Easier When Done Quickly

If somebody finds the keys and keeps them, this person might use them to gain access to your vehicle or house, meaning that there would now be an unauthorized user in possession of those objects.

Insurance Will Cover the Damages

Most people who lose their car keys end up breaking into their cars under desperate conditions. This results in extra expenses that come with broken windows and doors. If you report the loss at an early stage, your insurance policy will cover all of these damages (if they were caused by the unfortunate event of having lost keys). Moreover, if you report at an early stage, you might get a discount!

You Won’t Pay for Impound Fees

If you reported your car keys as lost, this means that the car cannot be driven and will most probably be parked on public property. If someone else takes your car without permission and drives it around, they will get fined by the city authorities (and they might even go to jail). However, if you report at an early stage, these fines won’t concern you. All of them will go to the person who used your car illegally.

You Can Avoid Paying for New Door Locks and Ignition

Sometimes people try to help their friends by using their cars with their own set of keys. But accidents happen. When you lose your car keys and do not inform them in time, somebody might try using those duplicate keys to get into your car. If this person uses the car for some time, they might leave some scratches on doors and even ruin ignition! However, if you report early, these problems will not bother you; the insurance policy will cover the costs of new door locks and ignition (if lost keys were mentioned in the document).

A Lot of Anxiety Can be Avoided

It is crucial to report lost car keys as soon as possible. This helps people around you to be aware that no one else should use your car without permission. If you wait too long before informing about the loss, this could lead to more problems like someone trying to impersonate you. This usually happens when drivers want to avoid paying for parking.

The police department should be informed as soon as possible to avoid problems that could have been avoided with a simple call. Moreover, the best course of action is to report your lost keys to someone who can issue you a new set of car keys immediately (like a locksmith or employees from a motor vehicle agency), so you will not have any inconveniences.

You Might Get a Brand New Set of Keys

If you report that your car keys are lost in time and provide a detailed explanation for it, a motor vehicle agency might give you a brand new set of car keys without any additional charges! This is possible when agents authorize such actions to avoid problems with stolen cars (when drivers’ names are printed on key rings). If you need a new set of car keys, this might be an option worth thinking about.

To avoid fines and to maintain a good relationship with your insurance company, it’s important to report lost car keys as soon as possible. Other benefits to reap from reporting lost keys are also highlighted.

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