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Keyless Entry services in Chandler, AZ!

Are your keys taking up too much space because you seem to have a few too many? It can be uncomfortable, noisy and a hassle that is unnecessary. One way to rid yourself of all those annoying keys is to switch to a keyless entry door system. Having a keyless entry system will provide you with many benefits and we are going to show you a few of those.

No More Lost Keys

Having keys can be a huge problem if you have a tendency to lose things, and an even worse time if you happen to keep all your keys on one key chain. Losing all those keys can be costly and create a huge problem that you don’t want to have to deal with. If you lost your keys there is also the worry about those keys falling into the wrong hands,  leaving your business or place unprotected. One of the main reasons for installing a keyless entry system is the fact that it eliminates keys, helping you forgot about the stress of losing your keys.

No Need for Copies

When having physical keys it seems making copies is always a must, whether it’s for family members or employees. Having to hand out all those copies makes it hard to keep track of who has the keys and how many you have made. This can create a security problem if your not sure who exactly has a copy of a key and if they themselves have made copies for people. This may not be a problem if you trust everyone who has your key but there is still the possibility of losing your keys. This is one of the reasons we recommend getting a keyless entry system to save yourself from the hassle.

They Cannot be Picked

A big benefit of having a keyless entry door system is that it is not easily opened through picking, bumping or other tricks a thief may use to manipulate your lock.There has probably been a time that you picked a simple lock with a paper clip or some tool and if it was that simple for you then just imagine how simple it can be for a thief with the right tools. Many conventional locks may not be secure enough depending on the type, but that is why getting a keyless entry will make sure you are secure. The difference between conventional locks and keyless entry systems is the fact that conventional locks have cylinders. Without the cylinders the locks cannot be picked or bumped, this makes having a keyless entry system a great security feature.

A Professional Locksmith Makes it is Easy!

Keyless entry systems are well known for providing better security than the usual traditional locks you are accustomed too. You are probably curious to know by now how keyless entry systems work exactly. First off instead of using a key, a keyless lock system just uses a pin code to access the lock. This code is chosen by you and can be changed at any time, the code is also easy to change and does not require any special tools. If you had traditional locks, the locks would need to be rekeyed which is not an easy thing to do by yourself. Another great benefit of having the keyless entry system is that you will not have to ever worry about the cost of rekeying locks again due to the fact that there are no cylinders.

We Install Keyless Entry

When installing keyless locks our techs are professionals and will be able to install the system easily. Keyless locks are like traditional locks in the fact that they do not require a special door or frame. They also only require batteries and do not need to be connected to a power source, which makes them convenient.

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A guide to the best keyless door locks for your home.

Thanks to the introduction of keyless door locks, the ways of protecting our homes from intruders have significantly increased. The keyless entry safe saves you the hassle of having to tote a bunch of keys around and the system is also easy to understand. The worry of losing your keys and having to pay for a rekey is now gone, now the only thing to do is to replace the batteries if necessary. Another advantage of a keyless door lock is that the system will keep track of all the data and it will provide you information if an intruder has tried to access the system.

How effective is the keyless lock of your choice?

Just like when buying most locks, when buying a keyless lock you want to look for things like reputation, durability and performance. You want to consider how long this lock will last and the security level that it will provide. One thing we recommend to do is read the reviews left by other customers and research the advice giving about the certain type of keyless lock that you want. Another tip is to research a certain type of manufacturer and buy from the ones with the top ratings that are known for making high-quality products.

Is The Applied Technology Convenient For You?

Depending on the knowledge you have of operating a keyless system, you will want to pick the style that best suits you. Whenever selecting a keyless door lock make sure to pick one that you are comfortable to operate. Whenever selecting your keyless lock make sure that you don’t compromise on the effectiveness and performance just for the style. Some other things to think about are the price and if you can fit it into your budget. You may want to go the cheaper route and save some money, just be sure to make sure that the keyless lock you are buying is of high quality. This is a big decision so make sure to take your time and do the research to find the right keyless lock for your home.

Does the style fit your taste?

The keyless door locks come in many styles, which allows you to choose one that best suits your preferences. Most of the latest high-tech locks will come with Bluetooth, fingerprint, and WIFI technology. Although the keyless locks are more convenient than the old traditional style ones they do not protect fully against burglary. If you curious about the most recent styles of keyless locks, here are some examples:

Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks.

This is the type of keyless lock that uses fingerprint identification to allow a certain person access to the lock. With this type of lock you will need to program your fingerprints in order to gain entry, you can program others that you wish to access it as well. The biometric reader is designed to unlock the door once you place your fingerprints on the pad and they are identified. The biometric systems are known to be very secure and this is because the chance of having someone with similar fingerprints is one in a billion. It is a good idea to do research on which brand of biometric lock you will be getting, always looks at reviews before making a decision.

Digital Deadbolt Door locks.

The digital deadbolt door locks contain a keypad, this keypad is set up for a code to be entered to gain access to the house. These locks can be very convenient and have been known to have some simplicity to them and because of this they are one of the more popular style of locks. The American National Standard Institute grades them according to their quality from grade one to grade three. You can assign temporary codes and then delete them later on when that code is no longer required. These locks have a nice feature with a back-lit keypad that allows you to see in the dark and they are mostly recommended for exterior doors. If you want maximum security and performance then we recommend that you review all the choices with the the highest ratings.

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