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It’s not unusual for people to lose their car keys every now and then. The only concern is that when you’ve looked at all possible places where it could be and are still unable to find it.

In this case, you’ll be wondering what the options for car key replacement are. The best answer would be to go to a reputable locksmith near you or the car dealership where you bought the vehicle from.

Here are 5 things you can do to get a car key replacement.

Hire an Auto Locksmith

Your first option for replacement will be to call a trusted auto locksmith. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t just hire any locksmith- they have to have the service you need and the tools to make car key duplication a success.

A good locksmith will have the necessary equipment to create a new and accurate vehicle key so you can get back to your daily life. You also stand to gain several benefits, such as faster service and a one-stop solution as they will likely have key programming equipment.

They can also assist you with key-related matters, such as opening cars when the key is inside, repairing broken or damaged keys, and programming car key fobs. You can get a spare copy of your car key so the next time you lose your main car keys you’ll still be able to open and drive your vehicle.

Head to Your Car Dealership

Car owners who have lost their keys can head over to their car dealership and get a replacement key. Once they verify you as the owner of the vehicle, they can put an order for a key blank, which is a full duplicate of your original car keys.

It’s worthy to note that most dealerships enlist the help of an auto locksmith specialist, especially in emergencies. When you need to get inside your car because of safety reasons or wish to get important documents and items then a locksmith may be the better solution.

Also, the price of getting a key blank from a dealership is more expensive, and it might take a while before you get it. Visits are practically non-existent, and you’ll be on your own in terms of support.

Find a Local Car Garage

Depending on your location you might be able to find a local garage that can assist you when you’re locked out of your car.

The costs of getting a car key replacement may vary from one establishment to another, but they’re generally more expensive compared to hiring an auto locksmith, for example. They may not have the diagnostic equipment needed to produce an accurate copy or key coding tools to get the job done.

In your search for a local garage, you’ll find that not everyone does programming or replacement of new car keys. This is understandable because it’s a specialty, and it’s typically not a good choice if your auto problem is time-sensitive.

Call Your Car Insurance Provider

Does your insurance company cover car key replacements? It might be a good idea to call them and ask for their assistance.

You could do your research and see if car keys are covered, or you can simply call them and ask. This option can prove to be very expensive since it may affect your no-claims bonus. Or, you may have signed up for car key covers, which cost extra because they’re premium add-ons.

Other companies have standalone policies regarding key covers, but not all of them cover stolen vehicle keys and similar concerns. There are a few that hire auto locksmiths to help their clients with car key concerns, which is something you can do yourself.

Get Roadside Assistance

Lastly, you may be able to get a car key replacement by calling a vehicle breakdown service, but this isn’t a guarantee. It depends on several factors, such as what equipment they have and the vehicle key type you need replacing.

Should the service have the right key coding equipment, then you’re in luck. However, this isn’t always the case and you might be calling several to find the right company.

Breakdown services hire auto locksmiths as well, so you can skip this part and go directly to a trusted one.

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