What Are The Best Security Keyless Locks In The Market?

By April 27, 2016 No Comments

Security is the most important thing every one will want for their homes. However, cases of house break-in have been reported. With key locks easily broken, there have been modernization in the locks technology. Modern locks using either a keypad, biometric using fingerprints or facial view and even bluetooth connectivity have been developed to maximize security in our homes. Other locks use radio frequency identification using either card or a key fob to unlock. More so are the smart technology door locks that are operated using an application installed in a mobile device. This makes it possible for one to open their doors even when they are far away from their homes.


Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset Kevo 925These locks uses the high tech functionality using both radio frequency identification and bluetooth technology. Being compatible with android and iOS using bluetooth tech, the lock doesn’t require any internet connectivity to unlock. When you near your home, just enable your bluetooth and the lock will sense and unlock the door for you. One can install this eKey application in several mobile devices. Monitoring of the locks activity is also possible. When a device is lost having the eKey app, this app can be disabled using another phone.

August Smart Lock

The August smart key lock makes use of the iOS and android devices. This lock can use a home Wi-Fi or bluetooth connection. The lock uses AA batteries for its functioning. A small app has been installed on the lock that sends a reminder to the master device if it’s batteries are running low. However, the lock will still work even after the batteries goes out. These locks have their log records which show the owner the time when someone enters and leaves their homes. The August lock has an app called august connect, this allows one to access the lock from devices connected to the internet. This feature enables one receive immediate notification about the locks activities. Such locks can also be unlocked from anywhere having your device connected to the internet.

Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

These types of locks make use of Reid technology with a specific chip for opening it. Also the touchscreen mode makes them secure. The lock has an audible alarm sensor that alerts the owner of the locks activities. The lock makes use of a touchscreen display with special codes. Having fingerprint resistant screen helps it to prevent other people from detecting your code after you are gone. The lock closes immediately one the door is closed to keep away intruders.


The Goji smart lock is made up of an improved electronic lock. This saves us the idea of putting a deadbolt on our doors. This lock should be connected with a smartphone that will control it. No drilling or even wiring on the doors is required for this lock. This makes their installation easy and fast. One advantage of this lock is its camera. The camera takes pictures of all guests and sends them to the owners mobile device. They help one decide who enters their house.

Samsung Digital Door

SamsungThese types of locks work using programmed codes of 5 up to 12 digits. Also they have RF tags that can be used to unlock such locks. One advantage if this kind of locks is their ability to detect fire. They send an alarm to the owner if such incident occurs. The lock also has a double locking feature that prevents entry from outside. The lock uses four double A batteries. These batteries last for very long time before running out.

Schlage LiNK Wireless Keypad Add-on Deadbolt

These kinds of locks uses up to 19 personalized codes for entry. The lock sends notifications whenever the codes are used. They are easy to install. The lock comes with a link service that enables the owner to monitor their use.


These locks makes use of an application installed in a mobile device. The application must be connected to the internet for it to function. An GPS on this lock enables it detect when a device connected to it is near. The lock has a sensor that sends signal to the owner whenever someone touches it. Its application can also be shared in many devices.


In conclusion, security has been increased with introduction of such electronic locks. Some of these maximum security locks include Lockitron, Samsung digital door and August smart lock among many others. Make sure you hire professionals like Diamondback Lock And Key to install all your keyless locks.