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Every car has a VIN. You might be asking yourself: Can I get a key made from the VIN? Yes, you can! But what is the VIN? And how do you find it in your car? The answer might surprise you! Read on for more information about getting a key made from your vehicle’s VIN.

What is a key made from the VIN?

A key made from the VIN is a way to get an exact copy of your car’s original ignition key. This kind of service works by taking the unique identification numbers on your vehicle and using this information to custom make you a new, identical replacement. If you need another one following loss or damage, it won’t be an exact copy.

Part of the VIN is on your car registration, but this shows ownership, not what type of key you need to get into it or start it. If you are looking for either an ignition key (which will open all doors and start the vehicle) or a door entry remote (to unlock specific doors), then the VIN is the best place to start.

A key made from your VIN might be covered by your insurance company and could cost around $30 more than a regular replacement, so there’s no reason not to get one if you need it. Always remember that this kind of service doesn’t give an exact copy. It just tells the manufacturers what kind of key you need to get into your vehicle.

What is a VIN?

The VIN is a unique identifier that allows you to get more information on your vehicle. It can be used in the event of theft or an insurance claim. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandates every car, truck, and motorcycle must have its own specific 17-character identification code to accurately track who made them, when they were made, and who they are registered to.

Can I get a key made from the VIN number?

The VIN is the best place to start. However, several factors will determine if you can get a key made from your specific vehicle’s VIN. The most significant factor is two different types of keys for cars: transponder and non-transponder versions. Transponders require an electronic device to be programmed into the vehicle. Non-transponder keys are not programmable, but they can still start your car because it works mechanically.

If you have a transponder key (the ones with an electronic chip inside) and want to get it duplicated or made at home for yourself, then there’s a way to do it. You’llYou’ll need a specialized key cutting machine that can read the electronic chip in your transponder key and program another one into it.


How do I find out what my VIN is?

You can find your VIN in two different places: on the drivers’ driver’s side of the dashboard and inside each door jamb. You should be able to see it after you take off any molding or club steering wheel covers if equipped with either one. It will look like this “JTMBK13VY452498.”

Where can I get a key made from the VIN?

There are a few different ways to get your key made from the VIN. If you have access to all of these things: a vehicle, insurance, and keys that can be easily removed, then you shouldn’t struggle with getting it done through any means. Unfortunately, if one or more is missing, there might not be anything that we can do to help you.

The best way is through your car dealership or locksmith, but this has a lot of variables that could make it difficult for us. While some dealerships can access the necessary information to work with their virtual cutting machine and transponder machines simultaneously, many others won’t have access to the equipment.

With a locksmith service like Diamondback Lock & Key, you just bring us your keys, and we can get it done for you! Not every single automotive locksmith has this capability, though, so make sure you call Diamondback Lock & Key today. If neither dealership nor locksmith is an option, try asking around at places like your local gas station or grocery store.

If you are not sure what your VIN is, contact your local DMV office for assistance.

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