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There are many reasons you might want to change the locks in your home, whether it’s due to selling your house or maybe having some work done by a contractor.

Here are a few different options for changing the locks in your home:

1) You can replace each lock – this is a time-consuming and expensive option as every lock will need to be changed. It also means that if there is a master key for all of your locks, they will all need replacing, which could be very costly. On top of that, you might have trouble getting hold of matching keys from locksmiths because they may not come with them already fitted by manufacturers, unlike replacements which usually do. Some experts can disassemble your lock and put in a new key, but it will be hard to get the same level of security.

2) You can replace the whole door – this is often costly, especially if you have more than one door that requires changing locks. If you are only changing the locks on one particular door, then this might be an option worth considering. However, it may be cheaper to change every lock, which means that none of them are master keys.

Changing all of the locks in your home at once might seem like quite a big task, but there are some benefits to doing so. It can help stop thieves, who have obtained a copy of one set of keys, from gaining entry into your house. Also, it’s difficult for children to get into the house because even if they find a matching key, it will not fit in all of the locks.

The biggest benefit is that you won’t have to continue changing every lock when you move home or sell your property. You can also make sure that all of the doors and windows in your house are locked before leaving, giving you complete peace of mind while you’re out.

3) Installation of a master key system – this option may be suitable if you’d like to change every lock but don’t want one person who works on your property, such as a contractor or cleaner, to then be able to gain access to their key. The benefit is that you can change the code whenever you wish, which means that your keys are not invalid. There are systems available for both homes and businesses that work similarly to digital locks on cars or cash machines.

You can also get cards printed so that they act as alternative ways of gaining access to your property if required, but these may be limited depending on what system is installed. There are different types of master key systems available, so it’s important to speak with experts who understand the different options before deciding. It could cost more than just changing each lock individually, but it benefits from changing the passcode at short notice having to buy new keys every time.

4) Raking – Burglars are often used to break into homes; raking is a quick way for them to pop open most cylinder locks without picking or drilling. Using a rake pick tool, the pins inside the lock are pushed upwards until they fall over with little force. The burglar then turns the doorknob and walks right in! If you try this yourself on your door, it will likely fail if your lock has security pins or other safety features.

5) Repinning – Locksmiths sometimes add security pins to the lock to protect themselves from being raked. Security pins have a small spring inside them, making them resistant to being pushed sideways by a rake pick. This means that if a burglar tries to rake your lock, it will simply not work! The only way around this is by pulling the springs out of the security pins until they are all level with each other and can be pushed sideways by a rake pick again. If you try this yourself on your door, it will likely fail if your lock has security pins or other safety features.

When thinking about changing the locks in your home, you should consider several different factors. First, it will cost more if you only change the locks on one particular door rather than all doors at once. You also won’t have to keep changing the keys each time you move house or sell your property. If you choose to install a master key system, think about whether this would work best to maintain security and control over who has access to your property. It’s important to obtain quotes from experts who can explain everything clearly before choosing an option!

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