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How Much Does a Car Key Cost? Get to Know What You are Paying For

By November 22, 2021January 31st, 2022No Comments

Car keys are necessary for the operation of your vehicle, but what is the average cost of a car key replacement? Some people may think that this is an easy question to answer. After all, you need to buy a new one at the nearest auto parts store. However, it isn’t as simple as that. Many factors come into play when determining how much your car key will cost you. This blog post will break down these different costs to better understand what you are paying for and how best to keep your vehicle running smoothly!

Understanding the cost of car key replacement

The first thing you need to do if you want to understand the cost of a car key replacement is what exactly goes into your purchase. This includes an analysis of each part required for your vehicle and how much it will cost. Here are some common elements that go into replacing a car key:

BRAND NEW KEYS can cost anywhere from $30 to well over a hundred dollars, depending on the brand.

HOUSING – this is what holds your keys together and keeps them in place when you are driving around town. The housing can cost between $15-$50 per piece.

TRANSPONDER CHIP– these chips need to contain all the information that allows your keyless entry system to function correctly. The cost of these chips can range anywhere from $20-$100 each.

CAR KEY BATTERY – the car key replacement cost includes replacing this small but essential piece of equipment that helps keep your vehicle running smoothly. These batteries usually only last a year to two years before they need to be replaced and can cost anywhere from $20-$50 each.

CUTTING MACHINE– a cutting machine is needed to create your new car keys. Many of these machines cost more than $500, but you can find some that are much cheaper if you do not need all of the bells and whistles.

PUTTING IT TOGETHER– lastly, there is another key component to consider when considering how much a replacement will cost: labor! You cannot simply go out and buy a new, expensive key fob without someone being able to cut it. This means you must factor in the cost of labor when evaluating your car key replacement price tag.

As you can see from this list, many different aspects of replacing a car key for your vehicle! Hopefully, breaking down each part will make it easier for you to budget accordingly and get the most out of your money.

How does my vehicle affect the price?

One of the most critical factors that affect how much it will cost to replace your car key is what kind of vehicle you drive. Some cars are equipped with more advanced technology than others, which means they may need a couple of different parts to function correctly. For example, some vehicles come standard with intelligent keys instead of regular ones; this means that you will need more than just a key to get into your car.

VEHICLES WITH THE MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY– if you have one of these cars, then it will likely cost much more for your new keys because they require different parts to function correctly. These include smart keys, proximity fobs, and remote starters, among other things.

VEHICLES WITH BASIC TECHNOLOGY– if you drive a standard car, your replacement will likely only include the key and nothing more than that. This is good news for those who want to save money! You can usually cut costs by at least $100 when buying these keys because they don’t require any extra components to function.

The difference between buying from an car locksmith and going to the dealership

One of the other essential aspects to consider when buying a new car key is where you make your purchase. There are two main options: either going straight to an auto locksmith or purchasing from your dealership. While both places offer different benefits and disadvantages, it all boils down to what kind of experience you want for yourself in terms of convenience and price.

GOING TO AN AUTO LOCKSMITH– if you decide to go with this option, you will be able to get your keys cut on the spot. This convenience is excellent because it means that you won’t need to make another trip out, especially if it’s not close by; however, some things can cause you to spend more money.

Higher cost- one of the significant disadvantages is that these keys are generally much more expensive than if you bought them from your dealership because they come directly from an auto locksmith instead of a third-party supplier (like your dealer). To make up for this, some dealerships will sell cheaper key fobs due to their high sales volume.

GOING TO THE DEALERSHIP– this option is often more cost-effective because you get a lower price for your keys, and they will be able to make them in less time; however, you may need another trip out if it’s not close by or one that requires taking an extra day off work. Most dealerships will offer free towing and a loaner car while you wait to make up for these inconveniences.

In conclusion, finding out how much it costs to replace your car key is relatively simple as long as you know what exactly you are paying for! As seen in the blog post content above, many different factors affect this price tag, including the type of vehicle, technology type, and where you choose to make your purchase.

Now that you know more about what affects the price of replacing a car key for your vehicle, it will be easier for you to budget accordingly or get this done on an upcoming trip!

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