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Best Kwikset Lock Services in Chandler Arizona

Diamondback Lock And Key are one of the best and most respected Kwikset Lock installs, replace and repair companies in Chandler, Arizona. Diamondback Lock And Key will provide you with any Kwikset lock need no matter the difficulty. We highly recommend Kwikset and know it to be one of the best high-security lock companies on the market. And with that, we give you some of the best models of Kwikset.

Kwikset Kevo

The Kwikset Kevo takes technology to a whole new level. With this lock, you are able to use your phone as a key in order to access your lock. This is very cool since it saves you the need of having to carry your key at all times. This lock is made in such a way that it has Bluetooth connectivity. In order to get the lock to open, one is required to touch the Kevo. This sends a signal to open. When you get the Kevo entry level version, there are three pairs of keys that will be given to you. These include; traditional keys, key fobs, and E-keys. The traditional keys are very important and can come in handy when your smart phone has run out of charge. This enables you to access you lock at all times. It is therefore important to remember to always have at least two of the keys so that you can ensure you can access the lock at any time. The great thing about the E-keys, however, is the fact that you do not have to worry about the keys getting duplicated. This is something that is quite common with the traditional keys.


Are you the kind of person who frequently forgets their keys at home or has a problem with misplacing keys from time to time? If your answer to this question is yes, you will be very excited about Kwikset powerboat. Powerbolt is a Kwikset product that has been on the market for quite some time. The great thing about this lock is the fact that you do not have to use a key to have access. All you need to do is enter a passcode and the lock will open. The pass code is usually made in such a way that it can be changed by the user. This is very important because it makes it easier for you to remember the pass code you put in. This is a great way to secure your home or business since there are no keys to be duplicated by strangers and the only people who get access to the door are the ones who know the passcode. To lock this lock, you only need to touch it once. The lock is easy to use and install as well. However, these are not the only advantages you get from this lock system. If you happen to forget the passcode, you can use the Smart key re-key technology available as a backup key.

SmartCode Lever

The SmartCode Lever by Kwikset is another amazing lock option you have. You get to use this key for wine cellars, home, business and other places you might need security locks. The amazing thing about this lock is the fact that you do not have to carry keys everywhere you go. The lock is designed to be accessed through a passcode which you set yourself. This, however, is not the best part. The best thing about this lock is the fact that it has a very beautiful design that complements your home making it look sophisticated. The system runs on 4 AA batteries and it is possible for you to access the lock through a Smart key re-key technology. This is very important because there might be times where you forget the passcode. In such times, the re-key technology comes in handy since you will easily be able to access the lock.

SmartCode Deadbolt

The other example of the best Kwikset locks on the market is the SmartCode Deadbolt. The SmartCode Deadbolt is highly beneficial because it saves you the need to carry your keys everywhere you go. This is because this lock is designed to be accessed through a passcode. It is possible to set the passcode to one that you would easily remember. This is highly advantageous because it enables you to give the passcode to anyone who might want access to the lock temporarily since you have the option of deleting the passcode and replacing it with a new one. This, however, is not the only advantage you get from this kind of lock. The lock is also advantageous because it is easy to program and install. For this reason, you can do the installation and program yourself, you do not need to hire a professional locksmith to do it. This saves you both on time and money that would have otherwise be spent on seeking locksmith services. It is, therefore, a great lock option to go for.

In conclusion, it is very important to choose the best locks in the market. This is due to several reasons. First and foremost, high-quality locks ensure that your belongings are well protected from outsiders. These kinds of locks also provide the convenience of going from one place to another without having to carry your keys with you. Apart from this these kinds of keys are easy to program and install and therefore save you costs of installation. It is, however, important to ensure you have the contacts of good locksmiths like Diamondback Lock And Key. This is because these high-quality locks require regular maintenance services in order to ensure that they are working for you as they are supposed to.  This will ensure you get high-quality service and will protect your lock system from any kind of malfunction that may arise due to careless handling by inexperienced and unqualified locksmiths.

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